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The benefits of clear aligners for straightening teeth

Orthodontics can be daunting – the cost, time and commitment involved – and the options available now compared to 20 years ago can make it harder to choose the right path for you or your child. Here we take a quick look at some of the primary reasons why so many of our patients at Cotteswold House are opting for clear aligners and what you can expect (treatment is often given under the brand names ‘Invisalign’ or the lesser known but rising in popularity, ‘32Co’).

Clear aligners are made from a soft, flexible material that is comfortable to wear. They are also less likely to cause pain or discomfort than traditional braces, which can be made of metal or ceramic. This is because clear aligners are designed to conform to the shape of your teeth, which can help to minimise pressure and discomfort. That said, short-term initial discomfort is to be expected with a ‘new’ aligner tray as your teeth ease into the new positioning.

Clear aligners are virtually invisible, so you can wear them without anyone even knowing you are straightening your teeth. This can be a major advantage for those who are self-conscious about their teeth or who do not want to draw attention to themselves or their orthodontic treatment (teens or professional working adults often fall into this category). Plus aligners are easily removed for eating and cleaning so don’t cause any potential embarrassment when eating socially or at school.

Clear aligners are typically more affordable than traditional braces. This is because they do not require the same level of training or equipment to create and fit. Additionally, clear aligners are typically made of a less expensive material than traditional braces. We know that all braces bear a significant cost however, so at Cotteswold House we offer interest-free finance plans so that you can spread out your payment for Invisalign and 32Co treatment to make things easier.

Studies have found that clear aligners can straighten teeth just as effectively as traditional braces. They also found that clear aligners were more comfortable and less likely to cause pain or discomfort than traditional braces. One thing to bear in mind however is the level of commitment required – if you have a reluctant teen for example, it’s easy for them to remove the trays when they’re not feeling positive towards the treatment, although ultimately we find the alternative of ‘train-tracks’ is a great motivator! This is of course down to personal preference and decided by what is right for your family.

Clear aligners are easy to use and can be removed for eating and brushing your teeth. This can be a major advantage for people who have busy lifestyles or who do not want to have to worry about their orthodontic treatment while they are eating or drinking. It means that no foods are off limits as you’re not wearing them for meals, but tea and coffee should be avoided whilst wearing the aligners to prevent staining and other issues.

If you are considering straightening your teeth, clear aligners may be a good option for you. They are comfortable, discreet, affordable, effective, and convenient. You can schedule a free initial appointment with our Treatment Coordinator to find out more and have a 3D scan, or you can talk to your Cotteswold House dentist to learn more about whether they are right for you.

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