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New scanner and sedation now available

At Cotteswold House we are proud to offer a full range of in-house services for each step of your dental patient journey, providing effortless access to the best facilities for our patients. The world of dental technology is constantly evolving and we are committed to reviewing and upgrading our equipment to reflect the modern dental landscape.

New dental scanner
The latest addition to our dental arsenal is a new ‘TRIOS’ scanner, supplied by 3Shape. This is a small, wireless mouth scanner that we are integrating into our patient journey. New and existing patients are encouraged to book a free scan with our patient coordinator. This scan will produce a 3D colour representation of your teeth and gums, quickly enabling your dentist to build an accurate digital model of your mouth, identify any problems and plan an appropriate treatment journey with you. This scan will then be saved to your dental record for future reference and comparison.

Services we offer
Additional services such as these are just one of the ways that we are making sure our patients have access to the best dental care, so that when you register with Cotteswold House you can feel assured that your teeth are in the best possible hands. We know our patients want to be confident that their dental care and oral hygiene is being taken care of, without having to ‘shop around’ for different services. We’re all busier than ever, with an ever-increasing demand on our finances, so we want to make it as easy as possible for our patients whilst offering the best value for money that we can.

Other popular services we offer at our Gloucester surgery include; a choice of tooth whitening systems (an in-surgery ‘BlancOne’ machine that lightens teeth in 10 minutes or take-home gel trays to wear overnight), Invisalign clear aligners, dental implants, and family dental care where under 5s are treated free of charge and older children ‘pay their age’. Please take a look at our dental treatment fees page for a full list of what we offer and associated costs.

In-practice sedation
At Cotteswold House we are also excited to now be able to offer sedation here in the practice for those that require this during treatment. Sedation is commonly used in dentistry as a safe and effective way of making very nervous patients feel at ease during dental procedures. Patients remain awake and are able to talk to their dentist but are put in a very relaxed state by the use of IV (intravenous) sedation and don’t feel any discomfort. An anaesthetist comes into the practice and works with you throughout your treatment, ensuring you are comfortable and prepared for each step. Prices start from £325. If this is something you would like to consider, please ask at reception for more details or discuss with your dentist at your consultation.

Cotteswold House Dental Care is a family-owned dental practice that offers a relaxing and friendly atmosphere that gives you complete peace of mind whilst protecting your smile. Our in-house services include general dentistry, children’s dentistry, dental implants, dentures and bridges, whitening and composite bonding, advanced treatments such as root canals and oral surgery, Invisalign, and many more. We welcome referrals from other practices as well as self-referrals, and offer direct access for our BlancOne teeth whitening treatment.