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Safe Dental Appointment Guideline

Hello everyone!


How are you all? We really hope you are doing well during these uncertain times.


So, as you are aware, back in June we were able to open our doors after the enforced shut down, yay! It has been great to get back to work, doing what we do best! Again, the re-opening update was dropped on us without prior warning, so as you can imagine, we had quite a lot to organise in a short space of time. The safety of our team and patients was and is, our top priority. For us to re-open, many procedures and protocols needed to be put in place before we could even consider welcoming you all back.


But we are pleased to say that since returning, things are going well. We are making our way through the list of patients who had appointments cancelled during the closure. If we have not got to you yet, we have not forgotten you! But if you want to call us and book back in, please feel free to do so. Patients on plan will get priority appointments.


We ask you to attend as normal for your appointment, but upon arrival, wait in your car or in the car park and call us to tell us you are here. One of our team will come and collect you when we are ready. Upon entering the practice, you will be asked to use the hand sanitiser & directed straight to your treatment room. After your appointment, you will either be directed to reception, or shown to the exit.


If you need to book an appointment for treatment rather than routine care, you will need a short assessment appointment first. This is because we will need to plan ahead for your appointment & ensure no person enters or exits the room once treatment has begun. We are also only able to book treatment sessions in either one whole morning or afternoon. For this reason, we are not able to see as many patients as normal, so please bear with us. We are doing all we can, under the circumstances, to get you booked in as soon as possible.


We will send you a text or email reminder about your appointment as normal, however it will now contain a link for you to update your personal & medical details. To reduce contact at the practice, it would be great if you could complete this prior to your appointment. If you have difficulty with this, then please don’t worry.


In the current climate the hygienist will not be using the water generating instrument, but offering the same excellent standard of care with hand instruments. It will also ensure we can see more of you, over the coming months.


If you have any concerns about your appointment, or feel nervous about coming to see us, please do call and chat with us. We want to do all we can to make you feel safe and relaxed during your visit. Its still all the same friendly faces that you know and love, even if we have to hide behind a mask!