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Facial Aesthetics at Cotteswold House in Gloucester

For many, home and hybrid working has opened up the opportunity for having aesthetic procedures with the desired privacy to recover. When you’re not facing a busy commute or the scrutiny of colleagues everyday, it’s become easier to find a few days to focus on yourself and seek to refresh your appearance. Non-surgical cosmetic treatments are safe, quick and effective procedures that work with your natural features, allowing you to shine with confidence on Zoom calls and make the most of those precious nights out.

Facial aesthetics is a term that usually includes the injection of botulinum toxin type A, commonly known under the brand name Botox®, and dermal fillers to enhance your features. They are extremely popular and commonly used procedures that can safely produce maximum results with minimal risks or side effects.

Facial aesthetic injections must be carried out by a medial professional such as a doctor or dentist who has trained to administer them. Many patients are moving away from the complicated process of trying to find a conveniently located recommended doctor that has availability to match their own, to the security of their own trusted dental practice. A friendly, reliable and accessible way to achieve the results you want at a time that fits in with your lifestyle.

Another benefit of having facial aesthetic treatments with your dentist in Gloucester is that they can help enhance your smile transformation. Some dental procedures, such as those that involve teeth extraction, can alter the appearance of the lower face and perhaps create fine lines that weren’t previously visible. Cotteswold House Dental Care will ensure that we are familiar with your treatment history and we will work with you to achieve the finished look you desire.

Here at Cotteswold House Dental Care in Gloucester, our facial aesthetic treatments are carried out by our certified practitioners and qualified dentists, Matthew Smith and Lynsey Summers. Both are very experienced at working with patients to use these procedures to create the finished result they desire.

What does botulinum toxin type A do?
Using botulinum toxin type A as an anti-wrinkle treatment is one of the most common facial aesthetics treatment available. It’s a safe and reliable local muscle relaxant, which can help to reduce unwanted wrinkles and create a more youthful appearance. The most commonly treated areas include frown lines, horizontal forehead lines and ‘crow’s feet’ around the eyes. By relaxing the targeted injected muscles, wrinkles will not appear in these areas when your expression changes, so that you maintain a smooth appearance.

It has been shown that the effects of anti-wrinkle treatment often last longer with continued treatment and the time between injections increases.

How much does it cost?
The cost of facial aesthetics at Cotteswold House is tiered according to how many sites you wish to treat at a time. For botulinum toxin type A, it is £185 for one area, £225 for two and £260 for three areas. Further information on our fees can be found here.

Your consultation
Firstly, you will have a free initial consultation with Matthew or Lynsey where you will discuss your requirements. It is important that you have the opportunity to talk about your expectations and understand what can be achieved. They will outline the procedure process in detail, including any potential side effects you should be aware of, and take photographs to form part of your treatment record. Cotteswold House does not charge for this consultation as we want to make sure that you are completely happy before going ahead with any treatment.

Following your consultation, you can arrange your first appointment with a deposit of £30. Remember that it is advisable to have your treatment least two weeks prior to an event, to allow time for any bruising or possible side effects to subside.

Your treatment
At the facial aesthetics treatment appointment, you will confirm what you have agreed at your consultation. Then your Cotteswold House Dental Care practitioner will apply a topical anaesthetic cream before proceeding with the injection(s).

You will be advised on aftercare before you leave. Be aware that with muscle relaxant injections, results are not instant and it can take a few days after your treatment to develop. Results typically last up to three months, however after a series of treatments this often increases, as does the recommended gap between future appointments. Your practitioner will suggest when to book a return visit, should you wish to continue a course of treatments.

Preclusions for facial aesthetic treatments
Your certified practitioner will discuss your suitability for treatment at your free consultation. The most common reason for not proceeding with a facial aesthetic procedure is having unrealistic expectations as to what can be achieved. There is a minimum age restriction of 18 but no upper age limit. For many patients, muscle relaxant injections can produce very effective results along with boosting self-esteem and confidence.

Next steps
If you would like to discuss anti-wrinkle treatment, contact Cotteswold House to schedule a free consultation to learn more about available options and develop a tailored plan to suit your needs.