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BlancOne Teeth Whitening System

Now it’s easier, safer and quicker than ever to whiten your teeth in Gloucester!

We are thrilled that Cotteswold House Dental Care is the only dental practice in the West Country to have delivery of the amazing BlancOne teeth whitening system. This exciting treatment whitens your teeth in the dentist’s chair in just ten minutes; no fiddly whitening trays and gels, just instant results.

If working from home has taught us one thing over the last few years it’s the importance of connecting via online meetings, and while you might be able to get away with wearing pyjama bottoms and fluffy socks, you can’t escape the importance of your smile. Our BlancOne system enables you to stay ‘Zoom-ready’ with a professional smile from Cotteswold House. No filters required!

BlancOne vs traditional whitening trays

While some patients prefer the control and flexibility that home whitening kits give, the advantages of our new BlancOne system make it a very popular choice:

  • Instant results: You may have recently had dental restorative or straightening work and want to show off your new smile to its best. Or you might have a sudden important day coming up where you’re keen to make a good impression, such as a job interview or work meeting. For some, it’s the final touch added to an outfit for an event such as a wedding or special birthday party – a dazzling smile. With traditional systems, weeks of planning with a nightly application is required, whereas with BlancOne all you need is one appointment.
  • Less sensitivity: As it is a short treatment rather than sleeping in trays that expose your teeth to gel overnight, there are less issues with causing teeth sensitivity.
  • Add to your regular routine: The ease of adding a top-up session to your usual hygienist appointment allows you to automate the process, meaning it’s one less thing for you to think about.

How does it work?

The BlancOne system involves applying a whitening gel with low hydrogen peroxide levels to your teeth which is then photo-activated by a non-heat producing lamp for just ten minutes. This gentle approach whitens your teeth without the dehydration or sensitivity that can occur with traditional systems, and gives instant results.

At Cotteswold House, we carry out this simple treatment as part of an extended hygienist appointment meaning your new whitened teeth couldn’t be easier to maintain. You can book top-up treatments when you come for your 6-monthly hygiene appointment, incorporating your pearly-white finish into your healthy mouth regime.

How much does BlancOne teeth whitening cost?

The BlancOne treatment is just £120 for patients on our membership plan and £182 for all other registered patients. It is also available on direct access if you aren’t one of our patients as part of an extended appointment with our hygienist; for £230 you will receive a full healthy mouth appointment before undergoing the BlancOne whitening process.

Affordable and accessible with instant results that will get your smile noticed, it couldn’t be easier to keep up your BlancOne smile with your regular dental visits. 

How to book your BlancOne whitening appointment

Contact our friendly reception team to book in or ask any questions:

Call: 01452 341561
Facebook: @CotteswoldHouse
Instagram: @cotteswoldhousedental

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