As you can imagine, we are working hard to contact everyone who had their appointment cancelled during the enforced shut down. If we have not yet been in touch, we havent forgotten you! Do feel free to call us to reschedule your appointment. Please bear in mind, your appointment may need to be booked further into the future than originally planned. We are trying to be as accommodating as possible and thank you all for your patience during this extremely busy and difficult time.

We have already welcomed many patients back to the practice and they will have noticed we have added to, and improved our cross infection safety procedures. Please be aware, that despite most of our treatment returing to normal, we will need to see you for a short assessment appointment prior to any treatment (not routine appointments) and can only offer hand scaling when seeing the hygienist.


We look forward to seeing you soon!


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teeth whitening in gloucester

Teeth Whitening in Cheltenham & Gloucester

Looking through photographs or into the mirror can often make us crave a whiter, brighter smile. Our love for red wine, tea and coffee usually means our teeth can be a little dull, but this can be improved quickly and easily.

Teeth whitening can be a great a way of refreshing your smile and can be done from the comfort of your own home. You simply need a few short appointments with your dentist to initially take some impressions. We then see you a week later to fit the trays and show you how to use the whitening solution. After that you can pop the trays in at home and wear them for a few hours in the evening, or overnight if you’d prefer. With this type of whitening, you are in control of the shade you reach. You can whiten them slightly or go for a bright, white smile! Another great benefit of this system is that you will always have the trays so you can simply purchase additional tubes of whitening gel whenever you need to top up.

  Teeth whitening can be used to treat mild to moderate staining on teeth & is a good option if you:

    • Are happy with the shape and size of your teeth
    • Would be happy with a whiter smile
    • Prefer a non-invasive approach
    • Are on a limited budget
Teeth whitening may not be successful for everyone. It will often lighten teeth in around 75% of cases. If you already have crowns or bridges, then be aware that these will not alter in colour so it’s worth asking your dentist about this if you are interested in whitening.  

So why not get yourself booked in today to start your whitening journey? Give us a call on 01452 524024 to find out more.

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